Cremation Services

Losing a pet doesn’t mean they’re gone forever…

If you have chosen to cremate your beloved pet companion, we guarantee your pet will be cremated respectfully and honorably in the exact manner you have chosen.

Our cremation service includes a pet identification and tracking system, assuring you that you will receive only your pet’s cremated remains.

While in our custody, every pet is accompanied by a metal ID tag throughout the process, reassuring that each pet is returned to its rightful owner.

Pet owners can be confident that their pets will be cremated respectfully and in the most dignified manner.

Paws To Remember is a Pet Loss Professional Alliance member and has mandatory training and education programs. These include hands-on instruction of proper skills and techniques to ensure the correct care during the cremation process.

Fees & Schedules

Pet Removal

Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM (normal business hours)......$75
Pre-Planning Arrangement Available.

After Hours Home Removal

Monday-Friday, 5pm-9am......$125; Weekends......$150; Holidays.......$175
On weekends or holidays, please call first to schedule a time for that day

After Hours Drop Off At Paws to Remember

Monday-Friday, 5pm-9am:......$100
Weekends: .......$125
Holidays: .......$150

Veterinary Office Removal

Paws to Remember will bring your loved one into our care free of charge from most veterinary offices.
Please contact us for more information.

Cremation Fees

Pocket Pets.........$100; 0 to 10 lbs......... $130; 11 to 25 lbs........ $180; 26 to 50 lbs........ $205;
51 to 100 lbs........ $230; 101 to 200 lbs.......... $280; 200+ lbs.......... $300 (prices subject to change)

Standard Cremation Package

My Pet Just Passed... What Do I Do?

You can either bring your fur baby into our care at Paws to Remember or call us to make arraignments to come pick up your precious fur baby. (810)686-paws (7297)

Our caring pet care specialist will come to your home upon making arraignments with us, and bring your fur baby into our care.

If your pet passed away at a Veterinary Hospital/Clinic that is one of our in-house veterinarians, then you do not have to do anything. The caring staff at the hospital/clinic will help you complete the arraignment form and will notify us immediately. We will pick up your fur baby as soon as possible and bring them into our loving care. If you wish to inform us directly, please call us at (810)686-paws (7297)

If your pet has passed away at a veterinary Hospital or clinic, please ask which pet crematory and after care service they are affiliated with. If your Veterinarian Hospital/Clinic advised they do not use our services, please know you have a choice to use our service and DO NOT have to use the facility they are affiliated with. Simply, call us at (810)686-paws (7297)

Not all Veterinarian Hospitals/Clinics are partnered as an inhouse vet with Paws to Remember and do not use our services. However we do ask that you please call our office, and we will handle all the logistics to arrange for a pick up to bring your fur baby into our care.


None of us want to think about losing our beloved pet. But despite how difficult it may be, careful consideration through advance planning and knowing your options for when that day comes, may offer you peace of mind. At Paws to Remember, our caring staff members are prepared to discuss the options available and to help you pre-plan your wishes for your pet's cremation.