Read what our clients have said.

Candace Reynolds
Montrose, MI.

"I lost my baby Bruiser, and they did an amazing job at walking me through the process. Working with Paws to Remember was a wonderful experience and an awesome way to honor my pet's life. Everything was wonderful, and the price was great too!"

Samantha Jones
Clio, MI.

"I was heartbroken when I had to euthanize my best friend due to kidney failure. Knowing I have a little bit of him to keep forever has helped ease the pain. It sounds strange, but having his ashes and little paw print makes me feel like he's still with me. Thank you so much, Paws to Remember. You provide a wonderful service!"

Scott Mueller
Fenton, MI.

"They were excellent picking up my dog. They worked around my schedule. They understand that our pets are not just animals but part of our family. Paws to Remember goes way above and beyond to help you through the grieving process. Five stars all the way!"

Elisa Linneman
Millington, MI.

"Thank you for taking such great care of our beloved Sid and for treating him like he was one of your own. He was very special to our family and gave us 16 wonderful years. Your service is wonderful."

John Birchmeier
New Lothrop, MI.

"Paws to Remember did such a wonderful job on our beloved little handsome boy, Rex. They got him back to us quickly and even had a surprise for us - a lock of his hair. Very big shout out to them!"

Rhonda Bailey
Swartz Creek, MI.

"When I lost my fur baby, Paws to Remember went above and beyond to care for us. Their quick, dedicated service was very much appreciated. Truly a first class service."

Scott McCulloch
Birch Run, MI.

"Paws to Remember did an outstanding job with the cremation and the presentation of Hutch's remains. The box, paw print, and certificate were very nice. Thank you for all you do."

Sharon Cole
Lapeer, MI.

"They do a great job and have great hearts too!"

Tiffany Webster
Chesaning, MI.

"Hands down five stars! Ten if they were available. They did an excellent job and left us with amazing memorial keepsakes. Thank you, Mennette, for taking such wonderful care of my baby boy. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge - Rest in peace, sweet Mary Jane."

Angela Roberts
Davison, MI.

"We lost our sweet baby boy unexpectedly. Our Smacky was a potbelly piggy. Paws to Remember took so much care & gave so much love to our boy. I'm so thankful for all the little gifts they gave us. This truly meant the world to me. I DEFINITELY recommend Paws to Remember."

Katrina Trueblook
Flushing, MI.

"I can not say enough about Paws to Remember. 16 years was not enough time with our sweet girl Elizabeth. My heart was broken and one call to Paws to Remember and Don and his staff were there to get her immediately. They took excellent care of our sweet girl from picking her up to bringing her home. The staff is very caring, compassionate, they were wonderful to work with and they will answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease. Elizabeth's cremains came in a beautiful wooden box with her name on it, a clay footprint and a paw print keepsake. I highly recommend Paws to remember to everyone."

Chris Huff
Clio, MI.

"We lost our last fur baby, Buddy on 7/31/22 while we were up north at our cabin. I reached out to Don, on our way home and he immediately responded and we formed a plan. I was able to take our little man to Paws where we were greeted by a staff member who was so kind and compassionate. He asked if we would like to come inside to spend some time with him, brought out a little gurney with a dog bone blanket on it to put our sweet boy on. I felt at peace leaving him in the care of Paws. Everything was handled so professionally and our boy is now back with is at home If you have never experienced using Paws and you are in need, please reach out. They are the most compassionate and caring people. Thank you for making our loss a little more bearable. "

Donna Metzger
Flushing, MI.

“Paws to Remember is the perfect company for such a sad time in life. I’ve had four pets pass through their care now and am so thankful for the ease of the process and the extra special care they take. There is no other pet care business in this entire area that offers 24/7 and even in-home service. Paws to Remember is far and above- the very best! Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

Amanda Sutton
Mt. MOrris, MI

"The love we felt on one of the hardest days was indescribable. I will forever be thankful for the staff and the compassion they showed us, especially my Nana. We lost our old girl unexpectedly and due to weather, we were unable to place her out back under her tree. We called Paws to Remember first and knew right away it was where we were supposed to be. Out sweet girl is up on our shelf now watching over us.💕 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do.

Tracy Reed
Swartz Creek, MI

“The whole staff at Paws to Remember was so very compassionate. They really care about you and your precious pet. They care for your pet like it was their own. Their compassion took a devastating time of grief and helped make it manageable.”

Cindy Partridge
Montrose, MI

"A friend of mine dealt with Paws to Remember with the death of her dog…they came right to her home to pick up her dog, with such compassion, giving her all the time she needed with her fur baby before taking her! The integrity was amazing, as they treated her dog gently as if it was a human being! I would not hesitate to use them myself!"

Christine Mariano
Burton, MI

"Very amazing people…I dropped my Harley off Monday after 30 mins of losing her. They called Tuesday to say she was ready. Very quick process. I picked her up today and to say what I got for the price was great. Thanks Paws to Remember."

Mike Cunningham
Marion Springs, MI

"Our family dog was tragically killed in front of our house very early on a Sunday morning. We were devastated and called on Paws to Remember to see if they could help. We live way out in the country and a very long way from their office. Within the hour, Mr. O'Guinn, the owner himself, showed up with another gentleman and gently took care of a very bad situation. We were so grateful for their prompt attention at such an inconvenient time for them. That's what you call real service and dedication. Our heartfelt thanks."


Stephanie Matthis
Clio, MI

"The loss of a pet is so hard and the last thing you want to do is worry about what to do next. O’Guinn’s pet center took amazing care picking up our beloved cat and helping us navigate this difficult time. From the incredibly kind and compassionate staff to the personal paw print and urn - they were able to make such a hard day as memorable as it could possibly be. Thank you for taking care of our boy and helping us memorialize him."

Nancy Sherwood
Flushing, MI

"As painful as it was to lose Rascal, the Paws to Remember service was wonderful. Our vet's office submitted the paperwork, and Paws picked him up at their office. They were prompt, gracious and compassionate and couldn't have been nicer. We've heard wonderful things about this company in the past, and while we're sad we needed it, we couldn't be more pleased and will absolutely highly recommend it to anyone else who loses a beloved pet. Wonderful service at a very good price."

Walter Gillespie
Montrose, MI

"We recently lost our 4 year old English Mastiff to cancer. Having our dog put to sleep was the hardest thing my wife and I have ever had to do. We took him to our veterinarian to have the procedure done and they offered up cremation services through Paws to Remember in Clio. Our experience dealing with them was first class. They were professional, sympathetic to our loss, and provided such a quick service that my wife and I were so thankful for. They delivered the ashes of our baby boy within a day of his passing. The memorial box and foot print were the best thing we could get to remember our buddy by. As hard as this entire process was, they made things so much easier. A +++ company."

Rachel Uptegraff
Davison, MI

"Today was the second time needing the services of Paws to Remember. They were so caring about the loss and made me feel so welcome. They made sure I knew they cared about everything. Today Brendan made me feel so at ease, and I knew I was in the right place for the second time. I will use this place anytime I need them. I know with another pet being 15 might be sooner than later. However, I sure know everyone will be there for me. They take the job seriously and take everything about this loss to heart. They ensure you know how they will take care of your beloved pet. I thank the entire staff for making this hard time feel better. Thank you all again."

Robin Entrekan
Bridgeport, MI

"I cannot express enough gratitude for Paws to Remember and their service to bereaved pet owners. Such a precious thing you've done for my family and me. Thank you for taking such good care of my beautiful boy Ike. You go above and beyond just offering a service - you provide healing and peace. I just can't thank you all enough."

Mallory Fitzpatrick
Grand Blanc, MI

"I cannot say enough about this company. Losing our sweet Rascal was tough, but seeing how humanely his remains were cared for and returned was a comfort. His box is beautiful and now sits on my desk while I work. Sixteen years is a long time to spend with a pet, but it hits more when you think about how they loved you fully and unconditionally, & even at your worst times. I feel like Paws To Remember treated him with the same respect as they would have if he have been a person. You’ve created a great service. Thank you!"

Michelle Davidson
Clio, MI

"We lost our sweet girl unexpectedly yesterday and were completely shocked. The staff at Paws to Remember were beyond amazing. We'd had a little hiccup with the process through the animal hospital. Still, they were fantastic and collaborated with Mennette at Paws to Remember for a quick resolution so we could get our baby back home. The urn is beautiful, and I am eternally grateful for everything they did and the respect and care they showed my dog. Again, thank you so much."

Sierra Sircy

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Scrappy Doo Valentine has made it back home, safe and sound. He will be missed dearly but will always be remembered, thanks to all of you. I could never thank you enough for being so patient and caring while I cried, trying to get him to you. You all mean the world to my whole family and me. Keep doing what you're doing to help make people's pets live on in their hearts forever.

Lynette Werdel

"The staff at Paws to Remember had compassion for our Max and were so considerate of our feelings. They treated Max as gently as a human being. Thank you so much for having a place like this."

Laura Rudoplh

"Losing my Oscar to lymphoma was so difficult, and going through the process to put him down was devastating. I opted for cremation, and my vet used Paws to Remember. I got his remains back today and am so relieved with their care. Although I hope no one has to go through the grief of losing a pet, this company is A+ when it comes to aftercare. Thank you for taking such good care of my Oscar baby!"

Don Turnpaugh

"It was a hard time for me. I was so upset about losing my best friend. The O'Guinn staff helped me a lot and were so patient with me. They did a great job on the paw print and the remains. Thank you so much!"

Angela Meuhlen

"Three weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Sunfire. It was a quick onset emergency that required us to make an emergency visit to the vet clinic in the middle of the night. We called Paws to Remember in the wee hours and got an answer immediately. Mennette came in early in the morning to receive our pet. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly and compassionately. We had our cat's remains the very next day. Not only was the service outstanding, but the price was very reasonable - much less than the price we were quoted at the emergency vet. Thank you so much, Paws to Remember - you have an amazing staff and are a tremendous asset to our community."

Beth Hotchkiss

"In the last year, I have lost my two sweet boys - my dog, Dickie, and my cat, Ory. Both were rescues and brought into my life with open arms and lots of love. When they passed, it was so important to me that they were cared for with the same love and respect shown in life. I can honestly tell you that I will always use Paws to Remember. They gave me such peace of mind. They are kind, compassionate, and the most affordable in the area. I am so grateful for your help and your help and services."

Jessi May

"My boy passed 12/11/21. I was a complete mess, but the lovely lady who called from Paws was so sweet and caring. She talked me through everything. I appreciate everything they did and the peace of mind they gave me. The very sweet lady stayed after hours so I could pick him up after my work. I am very thankful for this company and recommend them to anyone. This is such an emotional time; they brought me so much peace. I knew my boy was in wonderful hands. Thank you, everyone, at Paws to Remember."

Mark Calvert
Metamora, MI

"Unparalleled compassion, respect and professionalism. My daughter just lost a cherished pet and Paws to Remember arrived at her house prmptly. When I called to check on her she replied, "Dad, they were sweet and kind." Don O'Guinn, please extend a sincere, heartfelt thanks to your wonderful staff for a job compassionately well done."

Chris & Annette Howser

"Over the last two years, both of our furbabies crossed the rainbow bridge. We lost our Maggie May on Sept 1, 2021, and just four months later, on Jan 25, 2022, we lost our Maxwell Carter. We cannot say enough about paws to remember. We have known Don personally for many years, and the business he has made with the funeral homes and pet care is 100 percent the best care you could ever receive. The amazing service from the pre-care to the aftercare, including sending staff to the vet's office to pick up our loved ones, is truly a blessing. My babies received the utmost tender care from this staff. Big Caring Hearts 💕 with Paws To Remember. God Bless Don O'Guinn and his amazing staff."

Mickeymouse World

"Beyond thankful!!! I was very skeptical of having a pet cremated. I just didn’t feel you got back what was yours, but I felt in my heart my future husband would handle losing his best friend better if he was coming home. I called this place. Brenden was amazing! I made arrangements for the next day. Our big guy is now home, making the closure so much better. They were kind and caring. They even told me not to worry, they would keep our dog company until we could come to pick him up. Worth every penny, and having our big buy home is priceless. Thank you. ❤️"

Michelle B.

"These folks are amazing! They are so sweet, caring, soft-spoken, and so very professional. They think of everything when you're overwhelmed with the grief of losing your fur baby! Thank you, folks, for making this sudden loss a little less hectic for our family and treating us with such kindness. Forever grateful 🐾♥️"

Cheryl Tanner

"My little fur baby was handled with care & compassion. She was treated with respect & dignity. Thank you all. for helping my husband & me during a difficult time. The mementos were really well done."

The Doering Family

"When we had to unexpectedly put our Penny down, I contacted Don for help. Don put me in contact with Brendan who was so kind and even stayed late to wait for Penny’s arrival. It’s so hard losing our pets but the entire staff at Paws to Remember eased our pain by taking such wonderful care of our Penny Girl. From the first phone call, to the drop off and then the pickup, the staff was so compassionate and empathetic. We love the urn and Penny’s paw print…she is home again with us. Thank you Paws to Remember for helping us through one of our most difficult times."

Shayla Desbrough

"I had my dog ginger cremated here. She was very precious to me, and I felt safe leaving her with them. brandon took care of me and seems very compassionate about his job. he talks to you very gently and with empathy and understanding. I believe they put care and love into every piece they gave me when I received her remains. Her ashes were in a sealed bag inside a lovely brown tin that reads ‘until we meet again at the rainbow bridge’ on the top, which I found incredibly touching. There is a certificate of private cremation and an ink card of her paw print. For a small extra charge, I also received a clay circle with her paw print and name, which was definitely worth the extra money. this experience felt peaceful, gentle, caring, respectful, and dignified. It was a pleasuring experience and a beautiful end to my special dog, gingers, life. I will always have these beautiful keepsakes of her now because of paws to remember. Thank you so much♥️"

Ralph Edwards

"Menette and Brendan at Paws to Remember met every expectation I had of caring for my recently deceased dog Maggie. Every step of the process of cremating Maggie was clear and provided, as discussed. Most of all, their understanding and compassion in dealing with my loss were most appreciated. It made the process of losing my much-loved pet much less stressful. Thank you again for all that you did."

Lawrence Bowerman

"The people were very kind and thoughtful. The services are extremely caring and of the highest quality. I'd recommend Paws to everyone who wishes to commemorate their love for their pet."

Kenneth Lynch

"The staff is very compassionate and respectful. Both of these are important in such a time as having to part ways with your best friend or fur baby. Hands down would recommend them to my friends and family, even strangers."

Rebecca Maupin

"Thank you for your caring and availability. We lost our puppy tragically and your team helped so much. We appreciate each one of you and your kind words. A nice man came quickly to take our puppy Remi to be cared for late at night. He gave us time to say goodbye and was so gentle. Each person we spoke to today was wonderful. Thank you so much."

Who We Are

Paws To Remember is dedicated to providing professional and compassionate services to help lighten your burden and support you through the difficult times that follow the loss of a dearly loved pet.

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Pet Cremation

Losing a pet doesn't mean they're gone forever. If you choose cremation for your beloved pet, rest assured. We guarantee your pet will be cremated respectfully and honorably. Our services include pet identification and tracking procedures. We assure you that you will receive only your pet's cremains and will provide proof for your peace of mind.